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Jefferson High School Review

Jefferson High School Review
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This school is rated as “CAUTION – UNACCREDITED” based on our review standards.
This school clearly discloses its address and it is also registered with a Dept. of Education. 
It also clearly discloses it’s lack of accreditation info, and makes the best effort we have seen anywhere of disclosing all pertinent info to students before purchase.
As of this posting, this school has not done any false advertising.  Lack of accreditation may make it difficult to enroll in colleges.  As of 2014, JHS appears to have merged with Enterprise High School.

Ownership: Jefferson High School, LLC
Full Time     : None
Equivalency : $198 

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Excerpt from Jefferson High School:

Online High School

At JHS we offer on an online high school diploma program which is ideally suited for those needing an accelerated, motivational and 100% online solution for their high school diploma goals. You can simply register for our high school program for free, and after successfully passing all material and free test subject scores, earn a diploma directly from Jefferson High School. This program is motivationally based, with multiple opportunities at the exam including hints and retesting options, all geared to help you meet your goals.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST until you complete the program and are ready to receive your Jefferson High School Diploma and become a graduate. We also offer a lay away plan we call PayPlan” that you can review from the link on the right. Please read all website information carefully and be diligent in review of all websites offering similar programs. Jefferson High School is registered with the Dept. of Education and our school code is 6580. Students may also utilize our diploma program as a preparation for the GED® test or continue with us for a diploma instead.

Taking the GED® test at a testing center can be expensive and time consuming, as well as require many hours of study. Many completing this high school diploma program begin while seeking a practice test for the GED® test. For those reasons Jefferson High School Online allows for our equivalency program as a free option to help prep for that test. Our program provided here is quicker and more is easily accessible from your home or office and does not require books. Visit the link in the footer below for further critical GED ® test related information. Our online testing program has been highly recommended for those needing an online prep solution for the GED® Test . JHS designed its preparation for GED ® Test program to follow the GED ® Test in format, but utilizes a unique motivational approach to enhance success rates. JHS is non regionally accredited and it’s accreditation is not recognized by the CHEA or DoE (see accreditation info page for more details).

Register and begin testing today. The future is entirely in your hands.

Begin Free Test Now
Jefferson High School cannot guarantee or otherwise control the recognition that will be accorded the diploma by institutions of higher education, other schools, or prospective employers, and that such recognition is a matter solely within the discretion of those entities.

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