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This school is rated as “CAUTION – UNACCREDITED” based on our review standards.  According to FTC code 254.6, it is illegal to advertise a school is accredited,
if said accreditation is by an organization that is no recognized by the CHEA and/or the DOE.   This ‘school’ attempts to convince students that CNDLP is a valid form of accreditation alternative.


MissionECommerce  in Arizona operates this and other schools under the name CNDLP. Please contact us if you wish to update this West Madison Falls High School Review.


1.00 / 5.00

Zero Stars = Complete Scam

  • + 1 Star for: No  Accreditation | Honest
  • + 1 Star for: Address Disclosed
  • + 1 Star for: BBB Membership
  • + 1 Star for: CEEB Code
  • + 1 Star for: Dept Of Education

Excerpt from West Madison Falls High School:

West Madison High School Diploma Online

If you haven’t received either a traditional high school diploma or GED certification, West Madison Falls High School offers a free and fast program to achieve a real high school diploma online. Enroll for free and take the test at your own pace. Once you complete enrollment, you will receive a username and password that you can use to login and continue where you last left off. Our online testing program was created after the actual GED test, covering the essentials of Math, Reading Comprehension and English.

Your High School Diploma Parcel will include continuing verification. This service is to be used to verify to a potential employer that you have successfully passed our online testing program. Our guidance counselors can be contacted and with the permission of our graduate, confirm a passing score with verification. Due to the strict course guidelines and this verification services, most employers will accept this online high school diploma as an alternative to the GED.

In today’s competitive workplace, a higher education is needed to be considered for employment. The main purpose of this online diploma is to be used when applying for a standard job, although positions and acceptance can vary. This diploma can also be used to seek acceptance in the military or to be considered for a promotion. Our program is designed to be taken in a short period of time to receive your real high school diploma quickly. Based on your level of speed to complete the online test, you can receive our high school diploma in a week or even less!

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